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Individual Objectives

Leadership coaching is a process of self exploration and discovery. This enables individuals to access their wisdom to be the best they can, making their contributions in the work place even more valuable whilst applying their insights to their personal lives to enable greater overall satisfaction.

Individuals employ KGA coaches when:

  • They want a business-focused confidant with whom they can talk through decisions and ways of working – perhaps there is a business requirement for a change in ways of working.
  • They need additional support at a stretching time (e.g. new job, special project).
  • They desire additional confidential coaching as they are being ‘fast-tracked’ within their companies.
  • They wish to improve at something within their working lives and they are unsure how to do it i.e. thinking strategically; influencing key stakeholders; managing staff; building relationships; managing projects; managing deadlines; presenting effectively; establishing a more effective work / life balance; delivering objectives; raising their personal impact in senior and / or meeting environments etc.
  • Their overall work / life balance is not optimal which is beginning to negatively impact both work and home life.
  • They are suffering from low self confidence
  • They are suffering from low motivation

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